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Things to do

Tour of the Lun Olive Gardens

The area of wild olives over 1,500 years old is one of three localities of its kind on the Adriatic and has been declared a botanical reserve. In addition to the mighty thousand-year-old olive trees, the stone of Pag interwoven with their roots is breathtaking.


Hikes, treks, etc.

Pag is an ideal place for all recreationists and offers many hiking and trekking trails.



In addition to walking through old olive groves and various hiking and trekking activities, Pag also offers many trails and guided cycling tours for all cycling enthusiasts, as well as those who are about to become one.


Pag, salt museum

This wonderful museum on the island of Pag is one of the must-see places, and in addition to instructive stories about the history and method of salt production, you can also see the fish of the Saltworks and learn about their role in the saltworks.


Novalja, city museum with Ancient waterworks

The City Museum of Novalja is the starting point of every tour of this place, and it hides historical treasures dating back to ancient times. Inside it is the Ancient Waterworks - the best-preserved ancient building in Novalja.



Zadar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia, and it hides a rich cultural and historical heritage. The fortified city of Zadar, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the Sea Organ are just a fraction of what this city has to offer.


Excursion to Rab

The island of Rab attracts tourists every year with its picturesque bays and crystal clear sandy beaches and is an ideal place for family vacations and day trips.


Domestic taverns and restaurants

On the road between Luna and Novalja, there is a large selection of local taverns and restaurants, where you can taste Pag and Dalmatian specialties.

Velebit Nature Park

Velebit Nature Park is the largest protected area in the Republic of Croatia. It is rich in flora and fauna and is an ideal place for all recreationists.


Paklenica National Park

Paklenica National Park is the second declared National Park in Croatia, and its uniqueness lies in the magical views of the karst relief carved by the streams of Mala and Velika Paklenica and the rich flora and fauna.