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Lun, with the associated harbor Tovrnele, is a village in the north of the island of Pag, surrounded by thousand-year-old olive trees. It is ideal for escaping stress and city crowds and for a family vacation.

This idyllic village on the island of Pag offers many options for rest and relaxation, and there is something for everyone. Various beautiful beaches are at your disposal - sandy, pebbly and rocky, and we also recommend fairy-tale walks along the paths through the famous olive grove, the Lun Olive Gardens. The Lun olive groves are a specialty of this place, and their value was recognized as early as 1963, when the Lun olive groves were protected and declared a botanical reserve.

You can also enjoy solitude with beautiful sunsets.

In order to experience all the riches and traditions of Lun and the island of Pag during your vacation, you can buy famous Pag cheese, sage honey, olive oil and vegetables at agricultural households, and you can get fresh fish from local fishermen.

Also, in restaurants you can taste the famous Pag lamb prepared in different ways.

Lun and the port of Tovrnele with its fairy-tale views, fresh air and silence interrupted only by crickets, the breath of wind through thousand-year-old olive trees and the sound of waves is an ideal place to escape from the city crowd.